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The Dr HARISH FOUNDATION provides Holistic living & comprehensive health care of senior citizens with affordable Assisted Living Homes that combine Architecture,  Technology and Medicine to deliver warm home-like experience with continuum skilled Nursing care as you ‘Age-in-place’ & lead an enjoyable and meaningful lifestyle….


Dr.Harish foundation CCRC’s – Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

with an eye to detail n maturing over age, our facilities now allow IL(independent living),

AL(assisted living) and SNC(skilled nursing care) facilities all within one campus. This allows

for a continuum of care and residents benefit from having all facilities in one campus-like


Dr.Harish Foundations CCRC is one which scores high on the positive attributes such as

healthcare accessibility, social eco system and connectivity; and low on negative attributes such as

land value, congestion and crime index.


Harish Foundation…is the only facility in the world wherein

you could shift residences (from Independent Living to

Assisted Living n vice-versa) as you age to cater to your

aging needs absolutely whilst your Medical Ombudsman

holds your hand all the while as you “age – in- place ”.

Levels of Care

Dr.HARISH Assisted living residences or assisted living homes ; a residential option for seniors who want or need help with some of the activities of daily living—things like cooking meals, getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, keeping house, and traveling to appointments. These facilities provide supervision or assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs); coordination of services by outside health care providers; and monitoring of resident activities to help to ensure their health, safety, and well-being. At the Assisted living Homes plus you will not ” just ” be perceived as a patient, but above all you will be our guest in independent and responsible partnership with our In-house physicians, nursing teams and therapists.

ASSISTED LIVING HOMES PLUS aka Dr.Harish Foundation…

“Age in Place” concept Designed to address changing needs with growing age related requirements;Removes need to move when you grow older and also takes care of short stay nursing needs.

Independent Living

The continuum of care for seniors begins with Independent Living (IL). Typically, an IL unit is not different from traditional housing but is better designed from an architecture standpoint with various design interventions taking care of seniors

Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care (SNC) provides residents with nursing care facility. It has provision for taking care of physical or mental disabilities and the residents are provided with physical, occupational and rehabilitative therapies. 

Services increase considerably in this stage – with availability of nursing aides and assistants; physical, occupational and speech therapists; social workers and recreational assistants; and transportation. Greater care is required in a timely and appropriate manner. The prime objective during this stage is to provide a holistic and yet home-like environment to the residents. This allows for a continuum of care and residents benefit from having all facilities in one campus-like environment. . 

Senior Specific Design Intervention for  Independent Living , ASSISTED LIVING & CONTINUUM CARE

  • An Ideal Location For an Ideal Lifestyle                                               
  • Every Senior is unique and experiences varying physiological and psychological changes as they age.
  • Hence, Dr.Harish Foundation aka The Golden Family has designed the Age – in – Place concept for residents to enjoy all stages of their life ! Our solutions enable you to live independently and happily ever after.
  • Masterplan designed keeping in mind universal design principles so as to allow seniors barrier free access within the community.
  • Segregation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic to allow seniors safe movement inside the community.
  • Protection of existing trees in development of the masterplan and block designs.
  • Blocks have a mixture of  villa types/sizes so as to enable social bonding.
  • Rest areas created at appropriate places for panaromic view.
  • Due consideration given to vaasthu,sun-angles,views of landscapes in selecting dwelling areas in a manner that allows for green areas within blocks.
  • Creation of “ Hi /Bye ” spaces in common lobby areas
  • Personalised space right outside the dwelling with provision for seating space near the entry.
  • Architectural standards adhering to provisions incorporating wheelchair turning radius, door and window widths amongst many others.
  • Large closet located near entry which serves as coat storage and a place to keep things like a wheelchair or walker when not in use.
  • Flooring with anti-skid tiles
  • Special care of ambient light levels  in the transitional areas so that eyes do not get stressed.
  • Large size windows allowing ample daylight and natural ventialation
  • Wood –floorings in all bedrooms for warmth and oriented to maximize external views
  • Special walk-in closets and toilets with sliding doors planned that are wheel chair friendly
  • Provisions made for use in later years such as options to add extra raised seat heights in toilets and grab bars.
  • Controls like electrical outlets, light switches,door locks,thermostats and alarm panels will be installed at convenient heights
  • Two way switches placed across rooms to prevent walking in the dark
  • Options for  storage cabinets
  • Custom made modular kitchens with senior friendly design nuances


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